How to get your mojo back – your personal vision statement

In this incredibly inspiring and moving TEDx talk, Phil Anthony M asks us “What’s your personal vision statement?” In a time when many of us are busy hunting for our holy grail, our single life purpose, Phil gently takes us on a journey, sharing insights and stories about his grandma and his past clients who have changed their story and in turn has enabled others to change theirs for the better too.

In this 16 minute talk, Phil explains to us how we all have emotional baggage, but instead of carrying it around, we should set it own on the floor, open it up and take out the life lessons to put into our hand luggage, discarding the rest as it’s not serving us in any helpful way. He is a very engaging speaker, deeply sincere and throughout the talk it’s evident how much he want’s to help everyone who is listening.

I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Phil earlier this week where he shared his own incredible life story. From his tough upbringing in North London where his determination led him to achieve a long list of personal and professional firsts in his past career as an Architect and Engineer. to his current life where he engages in a number of passion projects in addition to his coaching career. Phil left a deep impression on me, his kindness, his motivation and his advice to just do it, even if conditions aren’t currently perfect. Armed with your personal vision statement and your 3 key values (more info on this here), I’m left feeling that life doesn’t have to be so difficult, that we should just “do” what we’ve been planning to do for such a long time.

Wise words but simple advice from Phil who introduced himself as “Hi, my name’s Phil and I help people realise just how much easier and better things can be”

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