Be inspired by Holly Ransom

This story, courtesy of (women in triathlon) looks at the achievements of a remarkable young woman, Holly Ransom and her response to being diagnosed with depression…

At 26, she is CEO of her own company, Emergent, at 22 she had been named as the youngest ever female to appear in Australia’s 100 most influential women. She chaired the G20 youth summit in Australia, she is the Co-Chair of the UN’s Global Coalition of Young Entrepreneurs and not so long ago, she became the first female Director of an AFL Club, sitting on the Board of Port Adelaide Football Club.

Many would think that someone with this exceptional list of achievements would not have mental health challenges. In this video, Holly explains how she felt after being diagnosed with depression. She explains how on a personal level, in order to recover,  she needed to make significant changes in her life around how she thinks, how she had to restructure her life and how to make choices about who she would spend time around. On a societal level, she discusses how there is still a stigma attached to mental health issues, and how depression is (disappointingly) associated with fragility and being weak.

Her response to all of this…she put together a 100 day plan and whilst traveling extensively for her work, she trained for an Ironman competition. For any of you who don’t know the distances, that’s a 3.8km/2.4mile swim, followed by a 180km/112 mile bike ride and a 42km/26 mile marathon to finish it off.

“Be prepared to step outside your comfort zone and give it a go, because what I found outside of my comfort zone is more than I ever could imagine”


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