It’s was clear as mud! How to gain clarity of mind

For the sake of continuity from my last post, despite it being a long time ago, I grabbed that handle and walked through the door into my new existence.
I added the “what do you want to do when you grow up” post on this website as it really struck a chord with me, and I could identify with Emilie’s description of a ‘multipotentialite’.
So a little bit about me, I am in my early 40’s, and despite having many diverse interests, I have followed the same career path for the past 20 years, up until the point where it became so unbearably tedious and uninspiring that I had to listen to my inner feelings, thank my current boss for having given me a good opportunity and walking away. Sure, I had mixed feelings; on the one side, in this economic environment it’s important to hold on to a job and that monthly pay check that provides security for you and your family, but on the other side, I felt hollow and uninspired, treading water whilst looking for my passion and ultimately my next career. I would have loved to have found my inspiration whilst still in my last job, but my working hours, ranging from 7am to midnight on any given day depending on who in the world I needed to have conference calls with, consumed me entirely, leaving the weekend for me to recover from stress and exhaustion.

sediment contrast flipped

My mind needed clarity, and as you may have noticed by now, my mind is very visual (this is the topic of another article) and I often use analogies. For me, my mind at work, with all the stress and turbulence was like me swirling my hand around a bucket of water that contained dirt and sediment. For me, my mind was like a bucket of dirty brown water containing sediment, the constant stress and agitations of my working day served only to keep my hand stirring this brown muddy water. For me to gain clarity and to be able to see through this water, I had to take my hand out and sure enough, over time, the impurities and dirt would sink to the bottom and leave the water clear to see through. My mind needed this clarity to make such important plans and decisions, and so I had to make it a clean break.

For others, I would recommend first taking a vacation without any itinerary, somewhere quiet, perhaps a remote location and where daily distractions such as mobile phones, internet and TV can be hushed. It may not sound like a vacation full of fun, but I felt it was important to prioritise this time to give to careful consideration of my future, and I was desperate to put the last few years of tedium behind me.
So here I was, I had politely handed back a job that most would consider a ‘good job with potential’ and had one of the biggest choices in my like to make. How was I going to spend the second half of my working life? I needed to get organised.

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