8 and a half million minutes and counting…..

This has been a long time coming. About 16 years if I recall correctly. Ironic really, if you consider the meaning behind it.

I registered this url as a way of inspiring me to break out of the cage that had started to grow around me. At that time, the bars were just forming, weak saplings, just offering up suggestions of boundaries; “best not to go beyond here”, “life’s far more difficult out there – much easier to stay within this comfortable area we have here”. And my cage was very comfortable, thank you, albeit in a superficial and material way.

This cage was all of my own making, however, no one else to blame for that. Sure, society has it’s rules and conventions, there are practicalities associated with earning a living to support yourself, and responsibilities to those loved ones around you, but the path of least resistance rarely leads you to the best destination. It’s the untrod path through the thickest part of the woods that once within, leads you to the clearing where you can really feel at peace with yourself.


I have thought of this website in many guises over the years. Currently, it takes the form of the small green illuminated sign often seen on office ceilings showing the exit in case of smoke and poor visibility.


I am currently in this office, smoke whirling around my feet and moving ever higher. I know I need to remove myself from here. I am not certain of what lies outside that door, but time is ticking and I am starting to make my way over to the sign. My urge to leave vs the fear of not knowing what’s on the other side of that door.

My pace quickens as I navigate around furniture, boxes and an assortment of unseen obstacles to reach the door, and then, as I reach out and feel the solidity of the door under my palms, I pause….

..to be continued

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